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Optimize Your Global Supply Chain with Project Insight

global parts sourcing

An optimized global supply chain is built on two main pillars: Clear communication and quality assurance. Without both of these traits functioning together, a supply chain can break down and be rendered ineffective. Axia Sourcing helps US-based OEMs maximize the effectiveness of their supply chain management and global parts sourcing by providing transparency to the…

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Learn the Difference between Procurement and Sourcing

global sourcing for parts

Sourcing and procurement are two related, but different business terms that are often used interchangeably. Both are approaches for purchasing raw materials, services, components, and the supplies needed by a company to run its operations. Axia Sourcing gives an insight into these two terms to help you understand the approach that you are taking for…

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What Is Global Sourcing?

manufacturing sourcing company

Global Sourcing is a procurement strategy used by businesses wherein goods and services are sourced from the global market to obtain the highest levels of efficiency possible. The goal of Global Sourcing is to lower production costs while maintaining the exacting quality standards required for products and services. Another key consideration is to confirm that…

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