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Optimize Your Global Supply Chain with Project Insight

An optimized global supply chain is built on two main pillars: Clear communication and quality assurance. Without both of these traits functioning together, a supply chain can break down and be rendered ineffective.

Axia Sourcing helps US-based OEMs maximize the effectiveness of their supply chain management and global parts sourcing by providing transparency to the manufacturing process. Our clients benefit from our unique communication systems, allowing them insight into their projects so they may make informed decisions.

The Value of Supply Chain Transparency

One of the key benefits to supply chain transparency is the building of trust amongst the stakeholders. Trust leads to synergistic collaboration, which in turns leads to more creative and effective supply chain management.

There was a time when the origin of a product wasn’t all that important as long as it met quality standards and arrived on time. As the market continues to evolve toward globalization, stakeholders are more and more concerned with the country of origin for a product, the sources used to create the product, and visibility into the manufacturing process.

This shift in demand has led to the need for greater transparency in manufacturing operations. The companies that would help provide this transparency to their partners have succeeded, while those that continue to operate in a “hidden” environment have lagged behind.

Project Insight

At Axia Sourcing, we offer you a unique and powerful tool that provides transparency to the manufacturing process for your products. Project Insight, an exclusive online portal only available from Axia, provides access 24/7/365 to critical details regarding your manufacturing project.

With Project Insight, you can:

  • Have visibility of your project’s information wherever you have internet access
  • Save time through quick and effective communication
  • Gain better control over projects and supply chain management
  • Mitigate risks of lost time and money through improved project management
  • Improve planning through posted schedules and progress updates

You will see the progress of your order according to your production schedule. An email notification will be sent to you regarding status updates to important production milestones including:

  • Order reviewed and accepted
  • Tool fabrication complete (if applicable)
  • Sample fabrication complete (if applicable)
  • In-process inspection(s) complete (if applicable)
  • Final inspection complete
  • Order shipped from factory
  • Order arrived at final destination

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Project Insight also provides a place for you to see important documents such as:

  • Quotations: See every current quote you have sent to Axia Sourcing
  • Sales Orders: See every current sales order you have received from Axia Sourcing
  • Invoices: See every current invoice you have received from Axia Sourcing

Project Insight significantly improves communication by keeping track of all comments, questions, and answers related to your project. Everyone following an order will receive an email notification any time communication is entered into the comment section from the order page. All pertinent communication regarding your order is held in one place for easy reference by all stakeholders.

Your Global Sourcing Partner

Axia Sourcing does more than just talk about transparency and collaboration. We have invested in the tools and systems required to provide a unique and creative solution to the need for visibility into your supply chain. No other global product sourcing company offers more to help optimize your supply chain and help you achieve your manufacturing goals. We would love to chat with you about an upcoming project. Find out how Axia’s product sourcing services can help you. Request a quote today!

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