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Axia Sourcing is your ideal source for global manufacturing and procurement solutions. Our US-based global sourcing company provides strategic sourcing and procurement services, including India manufacturing and China sourcing. Over the past 15 years, we have carefully cultivated a network of partners from around the world to bring our OEM customers the highest-quality, most cost-effective product sourcing and fabrication solutions. Our factory partners in China, India, the US, and other international markets have expertise in a wide variety of processes; using our vast global parts sourcing network, we can match your exact needs with tailored solutions that ensure quality and value pricing.

Axia Sourcing is the global sourcing and manufacturing partner with the tools and resources your business needs to survive and thrive. Trust your project to the professional offshore supply chain specialists at Axia Sourcing.

Scalable Services at Maximum Value

With Axia Sourcing, global sourcing and procurement services are scalable to be tailored to fit your needs. Axia Sourcing’s product sourcing solutions have you covered. We offer straightforward custom product sourcing services, full warehouse services, and everything in between. With Axia, you can select the combination of services that will provide your business with the most value.

Axia Sourcing is pleased to provide the following services:

Manufacturing and Product Sourcing Services.

Our manufacturing and global sourcing services give you the benefit of purchasing products that’s custom-made for you at the value pricing provided by our extensive network of fully vetted and approved vendors. Our project managers handle all overseas and domestic communication and you can oversee the progress of your project via our Project Insight online portal.

Design and Engineering Services.

With the help of our design and engineering services, you can get a product design and development plan that’s cost-effective and ready for manufacturing. Whether you have detailed drawings or just a sketch on a napkin, our designers and engineers will create CAD drawings with detailed manufacturing specifications and produce a prototype for your review, bringing the product you envision to life.

Custom Sourcing Services.

We’re here to solve your manufacturing problems. Whether you’re looking for a supplier for a low-quantity product or you need to assemble products from multiple suppliers, Axia’s custom sourcing team is here to meet any challenge, regardless of complexity, process, or material. We seek out the right suppliers for your job, manage all the communications, facilitate final assembly, and do whatever else you need us to do to make your project a success.

On-Site Inspection Services.

With Axia’s on-site inspections, a team of our quality inspectors are on-site to monitor the progress on your product. Inspections can occur before, during, and after production. Inspection reports are posted on the Project Insight portal, giving you full visibility to the status of your project.

Shipping and Logistic Services.

Axia has relationships with both local and international shippers and extensive knowledge of all applicable shipping regulations. Our logistics teams work diligently to ensure your products are delivered on your timeline as efficiently as possible. We can use Axia’s domestic warehouse or your designated receiving location, whichever works best to help you achieve your goals.

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Domestic Warehousing Services.

With our domestic warehousing services, Axia will safely store your products at our warehouse and then ship to your location on your schedule.

Financing Services.

Axia offers financing services on net 30 credit terms. Axia retains ownership of the product until delivery to its final destination.

Guaranteed Global Parts Sourcing

Turn to Axia for all your outsource manufacturing needs. Our aim is to provide our customers with the exact component parts they need to produce a quality product at an efficient price. As a global parts sourcing company, we are able to use our vast network of partners around the world to find precisely what you need when sourcing parts.

We provide exceptional component sourcing for the following:

Metal Castings

We have relationships with foundries and machine shops with the expertise to cast reliable, quality products custom-made for you.


Wire-Formed Products

Wire racks, wire baskets, shelving, and cages are just a few items that Axia can manufacture for you.



Metal Forming

Our metal-forming capabilities include deep drawn parts, welded assemblies, and punch and formed sheet metal. We can provide small parts such as appliance legs and brackets or even complete electrical chassis and enclosures.

Electrical Wire Harnesses

For harness assemblies, cord sets, molded cables and connectors, plug sets, and more, turn to Axia. Our state-of-the-art factories in China, India, Malaysia, and the US have UL, CSA and many European certifications as well as ISO 9001:2000 standard compliance.

Plastics and Injection Molding

Axia provide high-quality, precision-injection molded components in a wide range of thermoplastic resins. Our factory partners specialize in producing high volumes of injection-molded plastic parts with high precision and repeatability.


Axia offers a number of options for prototype development, including stereolithography, selective laser sintering, and fuse deposition modeling.

Electronic Controls

Axia is proud to partner with Renau, a leading engineering and manufacturing company, in providing a wide range of electronic controls, including process controllers, temperature controllers, digital thermostats, solid-state relays, power controllers, sensors, probes, and many others.

Global Sourcing Partner

Make Axia Sourcing your global sourcing partner. We are an international sourcing company with the experience and expertise to handle all your offshore manufacturing needs. We take the complexity out of sourcing from China, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, and beyond and help you reach new economies of scale. Expand your business with the help of our network of offshore manufacturing partners. Contact Axia Sourcing and make us your sourcing partners today.

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