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Here's How Our Turnkey Solutions Can Help You:

Manufacturing and Sourcing Management

Using stringent criteria, Axia has taken the time to establish relationships with the highest quality foreign and domestic suppliers. We’ll match your product with the right supplier, and handle all of the necessary communications. We offer complete transparency, providing you with frequent manufacturing updates to ensure quality and timely delivery.

Quality Assurance

Product inspection and QA is a vital part of any manufacturing process. Our local teams of Quality Engineers conduct multiple on-site inspections before, during, and after production. Your products are always backed by our 100% quality guarantee.

Shipping, Logistics, and Domestic Warehousing

Your timeline is our timeline. Axia has long-established relationships with both local and international shippers, and we're experts in all applicable shipping regulations. Our knowledgeable logistics teams work to ensure that your products are delivered when and where you need them, as efficiently as possible. Axia would store your products in our domestic warehouse and ship to you as needed, or your products could be delivered directly to your facility.

Design and Engineering

Our team is here to help you through the entire process of product design and development. We work with you to create a cost-effective design and ensure that your product is ready for manufacturing. Starting with your detailed drawings or even a sketch on a napkin, we’ll help create a CAD drawing with detailed manufacturing specifications, and produce a desirable prototype to ensure that what you envision is what you get off of the production line.

Custom Sourcing

Axia’s Custom Sourcing service is up to the challenge for almost any type of product, regardless of the complexities in the manufacturing process or the materials. Perhaps you're having difficulty finding a supplier for your low quantity product, or you have a product that requires assembly from multiple suppliers. We will collaborate with you to solve your manufacturing problems and find solutions. Axia will seek out the right supplier (or set of suppliers) that meet your product's unique needs. We'll manage the coordination between multiple suppliers to facilitate the assembly of your complex product.

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