Global Sourcing Solutions

We understand that different customers have different needs. That’s why our sourcing services are scalable, so that we may provide you with the precise combination of global sourcing solutions that you need most. Customers may choose to merely source their custom component parts through Axia, taking advantage of our value pricing from fully vetted factories. Other customers, for example, may want to add on-site inspections, shipping & logistics, financing, and domestic warehousing services. At Axia, you may select the service or combination of services that provide you with the most precise value.

Manufacturing and Product Sourcing Services

By using our manufacturing and global sourcing services, you would benefit from the value pricing provided by our network of fully vetted and approved vendors. This is the core of our manufacturing sourcing services. By using our India and China sourcing services, you would receive your product manufactured to your specifications at our unbeatable value pricing. You would be assigned a project manager that would handle both domestic and overseas communication. You would also be provided access to Axia’s exclusive Project Insight online portal, where you could see the progress of your project and important documents from any location where you have Internet access, 24/7.

On-Site Inspection Services

This is an important part of our manufacturing sourcing services. Axia can provide a team of on-site quality inspectors to monitor progress of your product through manufacturing. These inspections can occur before, during, and after production with first article approval, in-progress inspections, and final inspection. Inspection reports would be posted on the Project Insight portal, providing visibility to the quality status of your project.

Shipping and Logistic Services

Your timeline is our timeline. Axia has long-established relationships with both local and international shippers, and we're experts in all applicable shipping regulations. Our knowledgeable logistics teams can work to ensure that your products are delivered when and where you need them, as efficiently as possible. Products could be shipped to Axia’s domestic warehouse, or to your designated receiving location.

Domestic Warehousing Services

At your discretion, Axia could store your products in our domestic warehouse and then ship to your receiving location, according to your schedule.

Financing Services

By using our financing services, Axia could offer your company net 30 credit terms. An invoice would be sent to you upon shipment, and payment for the invoice would be due to Axia thirty days later. Axia would retain ownership of the product until it is delivered to your designated final destination.

Custom International Sourcing Services

Axia’s Custom Sourcing service is up to the challenge for almost any type of product, regardless of the complexities in the manufacturing process or the materials. Perhaps you're having difficulty finding a supplier for your low-quantity product, or you have a product that requires assembly from multiple suppliers. By using our custom sourcing solutions, we would collaborate with you to solve your manufacturing problems and find solutions. Axia would seek out the right supplier (or set of suppliers) that meet your product's unique needs. We would manage the coordination between multiple suppliers to facilitate the assembly of your complex product.

Personalized Sourcing Solutions for Your Business

Utilizing manufacturing capabilities in countries such as India and China can seem challenging. That's why you should consider using Axia's sourcing services. We work only with carefully vetted manufacturers, we have staff in those locations with local language skills, and we understand the complex challenges of manufacturing.

Our range of services and solutions is extensive, but every client receives something even more important: At the heart of our global sourcing solutions is an unrivaled level of personal attention and our excellent customer service.

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