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Axia provides domestic warehousing services for your products, storing your inventory in our facilities and shipping to you or your customers. With a domestic warehouse, your products and parts are shipped to our facility, where we hold it until fulfillment.

Domestic warehousing and logistics services provide several operational benefits for manufacturers and suppliers. These include:

  • Access to advanced inventory management technology — Our domestic warehouse is equipped with innovative inventory management, tracking and transportation systems, providing you with accurate insights into your inventory and needs, and ensuring that your products are stored and moved efficiently and safely. With domestic warehousing services, you don’t need to be concerned about updating your own facility — we handle the technology for you.
  • More flexible use of space — In manufacturing, inventory space can take up a significant percentage of real estate costs without directly returning value in the form of production. When you utilize warehousing and logistics services, you have more control over how to use the space in your facility.
  • Increased speed and efficiency — As a provider of warehousing services, our primary focus is on your inventory storage and shipping needs. This allows us to carry out fulfillment and other tasks more quickly and efficiently than clients for whom inventory management is a secondary task.

Who Benefits From Warehousing Services?

Manufacturing companies and suppliers of any size can benefit from domestic warehousing services. Our manufacturing partners specialize in wire forming, metal stamping, metal casting and electrical wire harnesses, and our warehousing services are centered around these types of products. Any company that uses similar components and parts is an excellent candidate for warehousing services with Axia.

Typical applications and scenarios where warehousing and logistics services provide the most value are:

  • Seasonal production increases — If you operate in an industry or location where production increases occur on a cyclical basis, we can work with you to provide overflow storage in anticipation of those times. Your operations and fulfillment will continue uninterrupted with off-site storage.
  • Unexpected production increases — If an unexpected increase in orders occurs, you can continue to provide the same level of speed and service by increasing your storage capacity. Too often, facilities are forced to leave money on the table due to capacity limitations.
  • A need for increased warehouse efficiency — Whether due to resource and personnel shortfalls, technology, capacity increases or other factors, warehouse and inventory operations can become less efficient over time. This can affect your production capacity as well as your customer service. With warehousing services, you can return your fulfillment and inventory processes to the optimal level.
  • Facilities with limited footprint — Whether due to real estate costs, demand cycles or other factors, facilities may not have enough warehouse space. When considering the most value per square foot, production takes precedence over storage, and warehousing services help facilities maximize the value of their space.

Warehousing Services From Axia

With extensive experience in global sourcing and domestic warehousing, Axia has been serving manufacturing companies and suppliers for nearly two decades. We work with manufacturers to help them get the most value from their core operations and competencies, and to make the most out of the resources on hand. We are ready to discuss your domestic warehousing needs and how we can help you reach your objectives. Contact us today to learn more.

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