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On-Site Inspection

When manufacturing is outsourced, the earlier you find a problem, the more time you have for a response. That’s why businesses sourcing products from countries such as China and India use on-site inspection services. With manufacturing inspection performed by Axia, you can be confident of problems being caught before your goods leave the factory.

Benefits of Manufacturing Inspection

Mistakes happen, requirements are sometimes misunderstood, and problems can go unnoticed. Wouldn’t you rather know before the products are in your hands, or worse, with your customers?

That’s the benefit of performing inspection in production. When skilled and experienced Axia quality inspectors visit the factory, they verify conformance with your requirements first-hand. If parts need reworking or replacement, that’s the least-expensive time and place to do it. Why wait until the order has been packed and shipped?

Even better, factory management gets immediate feedback on quality performance. That gives personnel more opportunity to make process changes. There’s less waste, lower costs and the least-possible delays to your order. Everyone benefits from inspection during production rather than after the event.

What Can Be Inspected?

At Axia, we specialize in “hard” products — i.e., those products that go through processes such as casting, molding, forming and assembly. Our inspection teams work with products including:

  • Castings
  • Wire-formed baskets, cages and racking
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Electronics
  • Injection-molded plastics

For any company that wants to have products like these manufactured in China or India, our on-site inspection services help guarantee their quality. We can perform inspections at any stage of the manufacturing and shipment process — during manufacture, after manufacture and at shipping.

Manufacturing Inspection

Axia works to eliminate the risk involved in sourcing products from China and India. Our sourcing specialists vet manufacturers carefully so you can be sure you're only dealing with those competent to handle your business. When production starts, our quality inspection teams verify that what's being made meets your requirements.

Quality inspection means far more than just looking at what's coming off the lines or out of the machines. There are formal sampling methods to follow and an understanding of the manufacturing processes is essential. We ensure our quality inspectors have these skills and knowledge. That way, they know what to look for at every stage of the production process. When they perform inspection in production, you can be sure they will be diligent, thorough and demanding.

Get Exactly What You Wanted

On-site manufacturing inspection performed by Axia's professional teams takes risk out of sourcing from China and India. Performing inspection in production ensures that goods loaded onto the ship meet your expectations. In addition, any problems arising during manufacture are found early, while there's time to make changes without delaying delivery. That benefits both you and the manufacturer.

Why take a chance on the products you ordered being defective or sub-standard? Ask us for a quote for on-site inspection, and take the risk out of sourcing from China and India.

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