A global sourcing partner adds value and efficiency to your industrial manufacturing operations, delivering the benefits of high-quality components and parts at significantly lower costs. At Axia, we offer nearly two decades of experience in international sourcing, maintaining a network of vetted and proven global manufacturing facilities to fulfill your needs.

What Is Global Sourcing?

Global component sourcing offers access to high-quality overseas manufacturers that are able to provide industrial parts at a fraction of the cost of competitors or in-house manufacturing. These manufacturers specialize in the types of components found in high quantities in industrial products, and have proven their speed and efficiency in providing these products at costs that keep your bottom line manageable.

Especially for the components that keep industrial products operating properly, quality and reliability are of the utmost importance. Our experience in China sourcing has allowed us to develop proven partnerships with these facilities, including on-site quality inspectors and other personnel, to ensure that your finished products will meet and exceed your standards.

Global Sourcing: Products and Industries

Our international sourcing services focus on industrial components for manufacturers. Typical processes include:

  • Wire forming
  • Metal forming
  • Metal stamping
  • Metal castings
  • Electrical wire harnesses
  • And more — we can source nearly any manufacturing process for you

As profit margins become increasingly thin, many OEMs have sought ways to introduce efficiencies into their production processes. Sourcing high-quality components from global partners has been one method of achieving this, allowing the OEM to focus on core processes while the partner produces the necessary components. These efficiencies provide lower costs, faster time to market and an increase in productivity across the board.

Our partners are able to provide fully custom components for your product needs. Just a few of the products and industries that we provide services for include:

  • HVAC equipment
  • Food service and manufacturing equipment such as wire baskets and racks
  • Pump housings and components
  • Electrical, including molded cables and connectors
  • Covers and housings for a broad range of products across industries

The above list is representative — illustrating just a small fraction of the full range of capabilities we can source for you.

  • The need to prioritize core selling functions over new product development
  • Lack of expertise in new marketplace opportunities
  • New product concepts without the time or resources to engage in a full product development cycle
  • Cost concerns about hiring full-time staff to design and create a new product

Working With Axia

Our decades of experience in China sourcing are well-documented, thus providing the assurance that your manufacturing partner has been vetted and selected specifically due to its quality and reputation. We offer several other benefits as a sourcing partner:

  • Access to an online tracking portal, Project Insight, for full transparency into the process — quotes, POs, production status, fulfillment and more
  • On-site personnel at our partner facilities, ensuring open lines of communication and a dedication to quality
  • Optional add-on services including on-site inspections and domestic warehousing
  • The ability to scale our services to cover some or all of your component needs

We’re ready to share the benefits of our experience and expertise with you — contact us today for a quote or to discuss your project requirements.

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