You have options when deciding where and how you will have your custom component parts manufactured. As a top-rated global sourcing company, Axia may be your best option, based upon your specific needs. You may choose to contract manufacturing directly with an overseas factory, handling all of the manufacturing management, communications, quality inspections, customs, logistics, and shipping yourself. Or, you may choose to work with buying agent or third-party manufacturing management service provider. Axia is uniquely positioned to provide you with the lowest sustainable price, guaranteed highest quality, on-time delivery, and consistent reliability. Our services are scalable, allowing to use all of our services, just product sourcing, or any combination of services that you need most.

Here’s Why Top US-Based OEM Companies Choose Axia:

Value Pricing

Because of our tremendous buying power, Axia has negotiated the most favorable pricing from the highest quality China factories, India factories, and factories in the United States. Our prices simply can’t be beat, because we pass those savings on to you.

Your Quality Plan Upheld Onsite Before, During, and After Production

Axia’s rigorous factory authorization criteria and quality assurance procedures ensure that your quality standards are consistently upheld.

Experience and Expertise

Since 2003, Axia has been helping US-based OEM’s source their custom component parts. During this time, Axia has grown into a top-rated global sourcing company, providing expert manufacturing management and supply chain management services.

Scalable Services

We understand that different customers have different needs. That’s why our services are scalable, so that we may provide you with the precise combination of services that you need the most. Customers may choose to simply source their custom component parts through Axia, taking advantage of our value pricing from fully-vetted factories, communication, and project management. Other customers may want to add on-site inspections, logistics, net 30 terms, and domestic warehousing.

Teams in the U.S. and China

Our in-house team in China includes quality control managers, logistics managers, and sourcing managers. Our U.S. team consists of professionals that are experts in product design/engineering, manufacturing, operations, and project management.

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Project Insight

Now you can have transparency into your manufacturing project 24/7 with Project Insight, Axia’s exclusive on-line portal. With Project Insight you will see each manufacturing stage from your project, such as first article approved, final inspection, and product shipped. You would receive email notifications anytime there is an important update to your project. You can also send a message directly on a specific purchase order or part, with all project communication kept in one convenient location. Important documents such as quotes, sales orders, invoices, photos, and inspection reports are kept in Project Insight for easy access.

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